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No Exception goes DUBSTEP!
April 1st 2013

No Exception chooses today to make a special announcement. We've left the dated, and artistically bankrupt genre of prog influenced hard rock to make techno and dubstep.

This has been percolating in our minds for a long time. It wasn't something that happened all at once. It seemed like all of us were just going through the motions, and making the kind of music the other band members expected of us, and not necessarily what was really in our hearts.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago, when I casually brought up how much I enjoyed the new Klaypex track, that the entire band came clean about what we really wanted to do. It was a very emotional, and freeing time for all of us. Basically, we'd all been listening to Skrillix and DeadMau5 more or less constantly, and dreading coming to practice and playing a genre of music that just didn't appeal to us anymore.

Jason and I have already sold all our guitars and bought drum machines and synthesizers. I feel really bad about that, because that one move basically flooded the market and lowered the price of Martin and PRS guitars across the board.

Tommy isn't giving up on the drums entirely, but for No Exception he'll be putting the sticks down and rapping full time. The dude has a LOT to say about his radical Vegan political views, and an amazingly dynamic flow as well. He's going by MC 1TakE these days.

As for our new bass player Justin, well, he's found a wickedly cool ironic cow costume, with oddly phallic udders. He'll mostly be serving as MC 1TakE's hype man, and of course demonstrating all the new dance moves we're coming up with for the crowd.

We're really excited about this new era for the band! Also, we're changing our name a little bit. We'll now be known as N0 Ex[[[t10n but it's pronounced the same way as always.

Welcome bass player Justin Avi!
No Exception's long search for our fourth member is finally over! Today we welcome bass player Justin Avi to the band!

Justin, incredibly, learned an hour's worth of songs in less than a week so that he could hold down the low end at our CD Release party on March 9th. We excited to have his talent and energy as part of our creative collective.

From the time when he was a just child blasting the Spin Doctors' Pocket Full of Kryptonite and the Lion King Soundtrack through his parents' old stereo, Justin Avi has had an intense, perhaps even unhealthy love affair with music. He began playing saxophone around age 10, guitar at age 17, and bass at age 24. Along with harmonica and little bit of piano, this multi-instrumentalist has never met a musical instrument that he hasn't tried to play. Justin played bass guitar for Present Tense for 3+ before joining the rock n' roll ranks of No Exception.

Come to our free cd release party!
We're gearing up for the release of our self titled debut album! To celebrate, we're throwing a huge party with no cover charge at the Inn-Termission Lounge on Carson Street on the South Side. For details, check out the Facebook event page.

Also, check out our new animated video!

No Exception is throwing a Halloween Party!
We're throwing a big Halloween Party! Join us Friday, October 26th, at the Inn-termission on the South Side. Check out the Shows page for full details!
Our first album is almost done!
We've been hard at work in the studio, putting together our first album! Check out the tunes page for two sample tracks! No Exception is not responsible for any ruined pants or cleaning bills that may arise from listening to our music.
We need a bass player!
No Exception is currently seeking a bass player! Hit us up on Facebook if you're interested!

Sad news
Today we say goodbye to No Exception's former bass player, Nate. We wish Nate all the best with his new endeavors.

Looking forward, No Exception is in the studio! We'll be coming out with our first album soon. We'll also be setting up some shows pretty soon. Stay tuned.

Next Show: Shadow Lounge in Pittsburgh
First of all, let me take a moment to thank everyone who came out to our first show at Inn-Termission! It was a great time, and our buddies in Dutch Courage and Hot N Heavy for helping us put on a great show.

Now, down to business. No Exception takes the stage at Shadow Lounge on Sunday, April 29th along with Remora Deign, Yarn Wallows, and Whispers to the Vesper.

This is going to be killer, so hop on to our Ticket Purchase page at Afton Shows and buy your tickets now, before it sells out. Get your tickets today! First show announcement!
No Exception's first show as a full band will be at the Inn-termission on Pittsburgh's South Side! We'll be playing with our buddies Hot N' Heavy and Dutch Courage. It's going to be a great show, so come on out and watch us make hilarious mistakes. First shows are always awkward.


No Exception is proud to launch our all new website in celebration of our rebirth as a full band!

We're thrilled to welcome two new members to the fold. Drummer Tommy Sohn and bass player Nate Mudry. Take a look at the bio section for more information. We're going to be adding new songs, new recordings, and our first show dates as a full band very soon.

-John Ploskina

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